Wednesday, August 01, 2007

One Week Earlier And...

Seeing the tragedy of the Minneapolis bridge collapse brings a burden to the heart of us all. Let us join in praying for the families who lost loved ones, and for the health of those who are recovering.

The fragility of life stares us all in the face as we view footage like that of the collapsed bridge. Most likely, none of those frightened I-35W passengers were thinking of the possibility of his or her life ending today between the banks of the Mississippi. No, they were talking on the cell phone, or chatting with a fellow passenger. Others were thinking about being on time for a special meeting.

I wasn't thinking about life ending last time I was there either. You see, between Monday and Thursday of last week I drove across that very bridge eight times. Why did it fall today, and not last Wednesday evening at approximately the same time of day when I was crossing it? Friend, our time is coming sooner than we may suppose.

May I ask you a crucial question? Are you right with God through His Christ? If not, won't you trust Him now? Eternity is calling, and very soon, you will answer...


Katie said...

thanks for the words and the reminders. It is good to remember that life is as fragile and fleeting in Mpls as it is anywhere else.

It is good to read through your blog and see that God is answering prayer for Grace church. I am thankful.

I just returned from a trip to visit a team in S.E. Asia working with Muslims and it looks as though God may be leading me back long term. I'd appreciate prayer.

Know that Grace is in the prayers of her mother church. We rejoice to see what God is doing.

Katie Peabody

Pat said...

It reminds me of what the elder prayed at the church in Zaria, Nigeria. He acknowledged that the fact we were all alive that day meant that God still had work for us to do on earth.