Thursday, April 20, 2006

From Naïve...To Arrogant...To "Not so Fast!"

When I was first introduced to the Puritans (1996), I was discouraged. Primarily, the discouragement rose due to the lack of "puritanesqe" believers I encountered in contemporary culture. Unfortunately, I began to draw some very naïve (or more accurately; very arrogant) conclusions such as:

1. No one today is putting out theological treatments like the Puritans (This may be true).

Then, it quickly digressed to...

2. No one today is writing anything worth reading for Christians when it comes to theological accuracy and life application.

Then, all sorts of unhealthy conclusions could be surmised, such as:

3."I must save the day."

See the fallacy? (I'm assuming that you also are not interested in being an island unto yourself, but are actually seeking to benefit from the help of others - by reading helpful Christian literature).

Thank the Lord for pride-shattering wake up calls, like the one He gave to Elijah in I Kings 19.

You see, I was quickly succuming to the age-old "Messiah Complex." I was going to have to 'save the world from its terrible plight of having no one alive today pointing people to the richness of God's Word.'

Maybe you've also been duped by pride into singing Elijah's sob story - only to hear the Lord essentially declare, "I'm doing just fine without you."

Well, I'm thankful to now know that MANY are contributing VERY SOLID THEOLOGICAL AND PRACTICAL helps in our day - men who's stature I'll never come close to reaching!

Here's a brief list of contemporaries who have been a blessing to my life through their very solid writings - "of whom the world is not worthy." In random order:

Ligon Duncan
Sinclair Furguson
David Wells
John Piper
John MacArthur
R.C. Sproul
J.I. Packer
D.A. Carson
C.J. Mahaney
Richard Owen Roberts
Al Mohler
Mark Dever
John Stott
Iain Murray
Sam Storms
Wayne Grudem
Tom Schriner
Bruce Ware

And the list could go on! Thank the Lord we are not alone - and more accurately, we're not even leading the charge!

Lest this list be viewed wrongly, I must note that I don't agree with each of these men on every issue. Also keep in mind that the list does't even mention the names of people coming to my mind even now as I type; It can't mention those I've never heard of, but are writing excellent works nonetheless; nor does it mention those who are unable to write (because they might be killed for doing so), like the 1000's of Underground Church Pastors & believers in the 10-40 Window

Who are some of the contemporary authors who are contributing to your pursuit of the God of the Bible?


SH said...

A.W. Tozer is one author (not on your list) whose has challenged me and clarified my thinking.

SH said...

OK, I just realized you said "contemporary authors" so how bout not publishing either of my comments. (I was like, "where the jank is J. E.?")

Jordan said...

SH, as you can see, I posted your comments anyway. Two reasons:
1. Tozer has been as helpful to instilling an exalted view of God in my life as anyone.
2. I like it when lawyers miss technicalities and this is an opportunity for me to display it to the watching world.

jshivley said...

I'm sittin here in class reading this when i should be paying attention...but man this was worth it.