Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Jesus is Alive! But, Who raised Him from the Dead?

Thank God that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead! We love a living Savior! He has defeated the power of Satan, sin and death!

In light of Easter, I was blessed last week in meditating on the resurrection, and wanted to pass along a thought to you. In meditating on the great, and central, truth of Christ's resurrection, have you ever thought about Which Person of the Trinity was responsible for exerting the power that raised Christ from the dead?

Before you simply to think, "The Trinity does everything in unison (which is a true statement), therefore there are no distinctions of responsibility within the Godhead (which is a false statement)," it is essential to our faith to know the responsibilities that each Person of the Trinity exercises with respect to our salvation.

For example, it would be wrong, and un-Christian, to say that God the Son (Jesus) sent God the Father to die for our sins on the cross. Biblically speaking, that simply is not the case. So, it is vitally important to understand the roles of each Person of the Trinity in order to remain orthodox.

So, which Person of the Trinity exerted the power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead?

A) Was Christ raised from the dead by His own power?
B) Was Christ raised from the dead by the power of God the Father?
C) Was Christ raised from the dead by the power of God the Holy Spirit?
D) All of the above?
E) The Scripture does not tell us the answer, and we should not spend our energies trying to discern the matter.

In order to provoke others to meditate with you, please supply verse references with your response when possible. Come on, don't be shy.


D said...

ACTS 13:30
ROMANS 6:4, 8:11, 10:9,
Colossians 2:12
1 PETER 1:21

Christine said...

Acts 2:24
"God raised him up"
Acts 2:32
"This Jesus God raised up"
Acts 3:26
"God, having raised up his servant"
Acts 4:10
"whom God raised from the dead"
Acts 5:30
"The God of our fathers raised Jesus"
Acts 13:30
"But God raised him from the dead"
Acts 10:40
"but God raised him on the third day"
Acts 13:37
"But he whom God raised up"
Romans 10:9
"God raised him from the dead"
I Corinthians 6:14
"And God raised the Lord"
I Corinthians 15:15
"God that he raised Christ"
Galatians 3:1
"God the Father, who raised him"
Colosians 2:12
"God, who raised him"
I Peter 1:21
"God, who raised him from the dead"
There's many more but I must stop for now. I'm gonna go with B)The power of God the Father