Sunday, June 04, 2006

Spread the Word

For the second time in six years I drove away with my bible on the roof of my vehicle. (Between these two incidents I drove off with one of these up there). The first time, I was notified a couple of days later by our church secretary who found part of my Pentateuch and some New Testament fragments scattered down the street infront of the church. She also found the cover and was able to make out the inscription of my name. I still have the remains.

This time was even more impressive!

If you scroll down two posts, you will find the summary of my dinner conversation with Bruce Ware. Upon leaving the church for dinner I placed my bible on the top of my mini-minivan in order to move two of our four carseats (!!!) to make room for everyone to ride together. The bible stayed right where I placed it. Not only that, it stayed up there all the way to Chipotle. Not only that, it stayed up there all the way through downtown to drop Ware off at the Hilton. Not only that, It stayed up there all the way to drop Joseph off at the church. Not only that, it stayed up there all the way to drop Joey off at the Piper's basement. Not only that, it stayed up there until I took an on-ramp for MN Hwy 55. Then she blew. I heard... thud...crinkle...thud, and looked in the rearview mirror and saw a new evangelistic strategy in the making.

It did a beautiful routine of summersaults before landing in the center of the overpass (which is above Interstate 35W!). Just think if it would have stuck to a trucker's windshiled on the Freeway below! I can hear the testimony now... "Well, I's just driving along and BOOM...God spoke to me."

Here's the fascinating part of it all. I stopped the beaut, walked back to the remains, and found a perfectly in tact bible. I kid you not. Now I'm a salesman. If you are tired of your bible falling apart, binding being cheap, or you were gullible enough to splurge for bonded leather, have I got news for you. I think this is the new version of the one I have.

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Todd said...

Are you counting the time you left the portable keyboard on your roof? Or was that included along with the Pocket PC?