Sunday, June 04, 2006

This Blog Is For Grace Church...and People Like You

Solus Christus was started for Grace Church. We began this blog last Fall with a view to having another communication medium for the new church when we begin meetings this coming Fall. A year of blogging for dummies seemed like the right learning curve for us (We're slow learners).

At this point our readership is not extremely large, but we are serving a wider audience than our original intent. Hopefully, we will be able to continue to do so even as we begin shifting toward the original vision. Our plan for the future of Solus Christus goes something like this:
  1. We will continue to be a "generic" blog - making posts of stuff that usually relates to the glorification of God, the treasuring of Jesus Christ, and the spreading of His eternal joy.
  2. Soon, we will begin focusing more specifically on things relating directly to Grace Church. This should increase as our interest meetings in September draw near. Perhaps you will see announcements, invitations, prayer requests, etc...
  3. Once Grace Church begins hosting interest meetings, and especially corporate worship gatherings, Solus Christus will primarily be a venue for ongoing interaction among the GC family concerning "What Lord is saying to Grace Church." This was our initial vision for the blog when we began last Fall. Some of our thoughts are:
    • Posting small portions of our sermons to encourage worshipful interaction, questions, additions, discussion, etc.
    • Each pastor plans to begin submitting a series of devotional paragraphs related to the passages we are worshipping through at Grace Church. Bryan may take a six week series, then Nate, etc... Our hope is that these meditations will fuel family devotions and serve to stir our hearts the same direction for our corporate worship gatherings.
    • We plan to highlight ministries and needs of Grace Church.
    • I'm sure announcements and reminders will regularly surface.
    • Plus, we plan to continue just being a normal blog.
Blessings to you all in Christ!

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