Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Mega Grace Church

We have no aspirations for Grace Church to be the next mega church. The burden to shepherd each soul in the membership of Grace is a pressing weight. But yes, we do want to reach as many people as possible. So how are we thinking about the tension between soul-care and aggressive evangelism? Church planting. This has been our desire from the beginning. Our Grace Church: A Church Planting Proposal, which was affirmed by the elders of Bethlehem in February, states our desires to be a church-planting church:
The leadership of Grace Church is already praying for the grace to be engaged in a movement of church planting churches. We plan to develop a paradigm for training planters, supporting planters, and partnering with other churches to plant many like-visioned churches in the major cities of the world. (Proposal, p. 15)
The Evangelical Free Church of America has a great quote on the benefits of planting new churches:
At the heart of multiplication is the ministry of planting new churches. Not only has church planting proven to be the most effective strategy for reaching new people for Christ, but it has also proven to be an essential aspect of infusing health into those churches which partner in planting efforts. - EFCA
Until King Jesus comes again He will remain busy building His church! We just want to tag along with Him.

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