Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The "Jordan Proof" Valley of Vision

In a previous post I spoke of my tendency to destroy inspired, illumined, and expensive things using my vehicle. Today I made another, but unsucessful, attempt.

I recently touted this God-saturated resource on Solus Christus. This morning I drove away from my grandmother's house with my wife's copy on top of the truck!? Thankfully I'm not in the dog house because "Cabra Bonded Leather" is apparently a great product. Virtually unscathed!

So, how'd it happen? Basically, I was loading another arm-full of Nannie's homeade stuff into the front seat and didn't want the frozen foods to thaw on The Valley of Vision (I'm sure Shepard, Baxter, Bunyan, Watson, Watts, Williams, Doddridge, Romaine, Brainerd, Toplady, Evans, Jay, Law, and Spurgeon would have said, "Good call.") So what did I do? I finagled the groceries under one arm, grabbed The Valley and (ever so gently) placed it on top of the cab. After loading the homemade relish, pickles, bread, and spaghetti sauce I buckled my oldest into her seat, kissed Nannie, jumped in the truck (which had to be returned in 15 minutes - and I was 20 away!), and drove off...

Cabra bonded leather is not as adhesive as my New American Standard's genuine hide. The Valley only lasted one block.

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