Sunday, September 17, 2006

Grace Church - Interest Meeting #2

This evening's meeting was a joy. We thank God for His evident grace. Here's a recap of what we walked through tonight: (Again, this list is a result of our tweaking the help we found at 9Marks)

Essentials of Church Health:
  1. Expository Exultation - Worshipful expository preaching as the congregation's foremost diet
  2. Biblical Prayer - Actively seeking the Lord through biblically guided prayer
  3. Biblical Theology - Concerned with pursuing and promoting biblical maturity
  4. Biblical Gospel - Knowing and believing the gospel of Jesus Christ
  5. Biblical View of Conversion - Understanding salvation as wholly a work of God
  6. Biblical Evangelism - Actively engaged in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ
  7. Biblical Requirements for Membership - Regenerate church members seeking to live their covenant commitments
  8. Biblical Church Discipline - Practicing formative and corrective discipline
  9. Biblical Church Leadership - Christ as Head, elders are His gifts for leadership, the congregation corporately affirms the will of the Lord, and deacons are Christ's gifts for service
  10. Biblical Reproduction - Intentionally making disciples among all peoples, particularly through church planting
Please continue to pray for us. It is apparent that many people are doing just that!

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