Sunday, September 17, 2006

SC Reading Nerds

Looks like a Solus Christus reading "group" is coming together afterall. Go figure? Let's plan to begin our book the first week of October. I'll try to post a couple of times this week about our Nerd Herd and see if we can generate some more interest. Then, on Friday, I'll plan to divulge the title. That will give everyone a full week to track down the book, which should be ample time to order, receive, and be able to begin reading during the first week of October.

Although I've only read about 1/2 of God is the Gospel, we may take a different route? John Piper claims that all of his books say the same thing (not true, but that's what he says) and recommends only reading one of his titles. God is the Gospel is a wonderful exposition of II Cor. 4, but I'm guessing everyone on the list has read at least one Piper book already. If not, do so.

In keeping with part of the overal vision of this blog, I'd like to see us work through a lesser known title, and in so doing, hope to expose some of our readers to an author or book they wouldn't have heard of otherwise. Suggestions? New or old, but preferably not to thick!

Here's our geek roll:
  1. Brad Nelson
  2. Jim Suggs
  3. Jake Shivley
  4. Melissa Sparks
  5. Anthony Mathenia
  6. Clif Johnson
  7. Ron Franks
  8. Kirk Benson
  9. Jordan Thomas
  10. Brienne Smith
  11. Kevin Wilkins
  12. Debbie Thomas
  13. Jonathan Hopper
  14. Nate "Dawg" Sawyer
Come on, you know want to join!


brienne said...

I'd love to join the nerd herd... count me in!

KB said...

How about sproul, or edwards mini-theology, or maybe e.m. bounds, or murray, or something like that. anyway...

JS said...

How about something on prayer?

Debbie Thomas said...

Count me in.

John Hopper said...

Hey I would love to join in on!

John Hopper said...

I would love to join in!

melissa said...

Know your people Mr. Thomas =)...Sparks not Proseus. As for some suggestions (I could only narrow it down to my top 8)
1. True Discipleship - Williams McDonald *
2. Redemption Accomplished and Applied- John Murray
3. The Christian Warrior- Isaac Ambrose
4. Heaven Taken By Storm- Thomas Watson *
5. Words to Winners of Souls- Horatius Bonar *
6. The Attributes of God- A.W Pink *
7. The True Christian's Love to the Unseen Christ- Thomas Vincent
8. The Believer's Joy- Robert Murray McCheyne

nathan said...

I'm in! I like Vincent's 'The True Christian's Love to the Unseen Christ' suggestion or maybe Blaike and Law's "Inner Life of Christ' or maybe Flavel's "Keeping the Heart"

JS said...

Yeah, what Nathan said!

Dude - I can tell that I am way out of my league. Melissa and Nate are bringing it with those selections. I'm more like a book nerd sidekick.

I need to get out more.

Quo Vadis said...

My vote is for something by EM Bounds, Tozer, or Pink's- Attributes of God.

Jordan said...

My apologies to "Miss Sparkles" as my kids like to say. Great selections by you and the others. All of them look great. Good thing about reading groups is we can always start another once we finish the first!

Anonymous said...

Clay is eagerly in too!

Brandon said...

Post B-dogg cause he is in