Friday, September 22, 2006

Roll Call

The newest roll for the SC Reading Group is:
  1. Anthony Mathenia
  2. Brad Nelson
  3. Brandon Sheridan
  4. Brienne Smith
  5. Bryan Smith
  6. Clif Johnson
  7. Cody McNutt
  8. Debbie Thomas
  9. Jake Shivley
  10. Jim Suggs
  11. Jonathan Hopper
  12. Jordan Thomas
  13. Justin Tucker
  14. Kevin Wilkins
  15. Kirk Benson
  16. Melissa Sparks
  17. Nate "Dawg" Sawyer
  18. Ron Franks
  19. Shaun Hair
  20. Todd Smith
Still time to nerd-up! We will begin reading in just over a week. You comin'?


am said...

What about J. Tuck?

B Smith said...

Was avoiding you guys because of the language with such strong terms as geek, nerd-up, nred herd, and pocket protectors, but am now giving in to the unbelievable peer pressure of the group. I'm in!

KB said...

I can't wait to get this party started.

Jeremy Whitten said...

I've considered joining the group but I didn't want to intimidate anyone with my intellect. Besides, I've already read every book mentioned up to this point! All kidding aside, I'm actually in the middle of reading 3 books at once. I'm bad about starting a book before finishing another. I'm basically behind in my reading. I'll keep up from a distance and maybe by reading everyone's comments It will encourage me to jump in with the reading. I would also like to recommend William Wilberforce's "Real Christianity". It gave me a headache but it was a challenging read. The only problem is that its probably hard to find and pretty lenghty.

B Smith said...

Why does Nate "Dawg" Sawyer get a nickname, and no one else? This is the pocket protecting Nerd Herd, we all need dorky code names or something!