Sunday, September 24, 2006

CT Article

Here is the Christianity Today that was mentioned a while back.


melissa said...

I read that article the other day. I thought about you and WM youthgroup when I read about the youth pastor who was pushing his students to read Grudem's Systematic Theology. What kind of youth pastor does that? j/k

Cam said...

In some ways the article gives me hope but in other ways there is still much work to do.The same preachers that are so happy to claim the Label of Calvinism are also just as quick to lead someone through a prayer. I feel that is more of a fad than anything. Like it said about Josh Harris he was at a seeker sensitive church,then a charismatic church,and now it's calvinism.

Jeremy Whitten said...

Hey Cam, could it be that Josh Harris finally found something that has kept him coming back for more? such as "The Truth". I do agree with you that in some circles I'm sure its nothing more than rebellious zeal. I noticed this trend long before I read this article but wasn't sure if it was a national trend or just one in Memphis. My hope is that God is raising up a generation of saints who are equipping themselves and their churches for another spiritual awakening in our country. Such a God glorifying thing as revival would require the preaching and counsel that gives the most glory to God. The article gave me hope that God is doing something with this generation that previous generations have somehow missed. But if we as so called "Calvinists" don't have the same evangelistic zeal as our forefathers (Whitefield,Edwards,Spurgeon,William Carey), than I would have to agree that all this talk about Reformed Theology would be nothing more than religious bankruptcy. So in the meantime; Lets be young, reformed and restless until God comes and invades our churches! Oh, that we would be prepared!