Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Letters of Rutherford

My gift to myself at Christmas is rereading portions of Rutherford's letters. What a Christlike soul shepherd!
Till now I knew not the pain, labour, nor difficulty that there is to win at home: nor did I understand so well, before this, what this means, "The righteous shall scarcely be saved." Oh, how many a poor professor's candle is blown out, and never lighted again! I see that a mere profession, and to be ranked amongst the children of God, and to have a name among men, is now thought good enough to carry professors to heaven. But certainly a name is nothing but a name, and will never last through a blast of God's storm. I counsel you not to give your soul or Christ rest, nor your eyes sleep, till you have gotten something that will endure the fire, and stand the storm.
- Excerpt from Letters

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