Thursday, January 11, 2007

Worship Preparation

Preparing for corporate worship expands the soul's capacity for experiential enjoyment of God. Think of it, if you arrive to church numb to God, your 'soul-tingles' may not wear off until half-way through the service...or later. If, though, you arrive with a heart already warmed in the presence of God, the flame can be fanned. The proverb would be, 'Tis easier to fan than to light.

For those who will be at Grace, here are some simple ways to prepare your soul for Sunday:
  • Prayerfully meditate through the sermon text -- Isaiah 53 (esp. v. 11).
  • Pray diligently for the power of the gospel to be exerted in our city among believers through an extraordinary display of racial harmony.
  • Pray by name for the conversion of at least five unconverted people....who are of a different race than you.
  • Make plans to attend the corporate prayer meeting at 9a.

1 comment:

dy said...

I have read Isaiah 53 for tomorrow. And I will be at prayer meeting.

When I read your post concerning preparation for worship, it occurred to me that so often I have not “read” the Scriptures. As Christians, sometimes we get so caught up in ‘rightly dividing the Word’ that we fail to see it as a whole. We strive for deeper meaning when sometimes all that is needed is just to read the Word as if a letter from a dear friend. Would we not be better off sometimes just to read until out soul is full and then meditate on what we have read – no analysis, no word study, and no cross references. Just the Lord having a conversation with us about what is near and dear to His heart.

Today, I read the entire book of Romans without stopping. Now I just want to savor what I have read. What a sweet, sweet spirit is contained in the Word of God!