Sunday, April 08, 2007

GC Announcements April 8th-14th

  1. No Grace Groups Sunday/Wednesday due to Easter.
  2. New Attitude Conference for young singles or couples is May 26-29 in Louisville. If interested, see sign-up sheet @ the resource table or speak with Kevin W.
  3. Next Covenant Affirmation Sunday is May 20th
  4. Continue to pray for the Nigeria mission team (April 13-22)
  5. Cordova GG has am service set-up for May.
  6. If you are prayerfully considering giving towards the Nigeria mission trip please indicate on your envelope (available @ resource table)
  7. CD request forms for sermons preached at GC are now available and located @ the resource table.
  8. Grace groups meet either Sunday or Wednesday. If interested in attending a Grace group see one of the pastors.

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