Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Lord willing, just 55 hours from now the six-person Nigeria Vision Team from Grace Church will be arriving at Memphis International Airport to catch our flight to Abuja, Nigeria. May the Lamb Who was slain receive the reward if His sufferings!

Here is a copy of our daily itinerary. Please use it as a prayer guide. On behalf of our team, "Thank you!"

Friday April 13th
Depart Memphis at 7:30 PM via KLM/NWA flight 6058

Saturday April 14th
Arrive Amsterdam at 11:10 AM. Depart for Abuja at 2:05 PM on KLM flight 577. Arrive Abuja, Nigeria at 7:35 PM. John Hassan, our local pastor host, will pick us up at the airport.

On arrival, we will spend one night in Abuja at the Sheraton.

Sunday April 15th
We shall be leaving Abuja at 6:00 A.M for Zaria. Jordan will be preaching in a combined service at the church John Hassan pastors, ECWA Church Wusasa Zaria (Evangelical Christian West Africa). It is going to be a congregation of about 1200 people. John told Jordan to feel free to preach what the Lord lays to his heart. The Church has a theme this year; i.e "Preach the Word..." 2 Tim 4:2. We hope to arrive Zaria from Abuja by 9:00 A.M for the service. John says the service will have lots of “celebrations.”

Monday April 16th
On Monday, we shall be going to Katsina, far in the North. It is about four hours drive. We will come back to Zaria the same day. We shall be having supper with John’s District Executive members with their wives by 6-8 P.M local time.

Tuesday April 17th
On Tuesday, we will travel to Kano, one of the biggest cities in Northern Nigeria. It is about three and half hours drive. From there we will proceed to Bauchi, another three hours drive. We will spend one night at Bauchi. At Bauchi, we shall be visiting with one of the biggest game reserves before we continue for Jos.

Wednesday April 18th
On Wednesday, we will continue to Jos, the seat of the National Headquarters of ECWA We will have the privilege of meeting with John’s national leaders. On our way, we will stop at Jos ECWA Theological Seminary one of the biggest Seminaries in the country, where John received his Bachelor’s Degree before he came to Mid-America Seminary in Memphis. From there, we will stop again at one other seminary where he taught for a year before his relocation to Zaria. We will also stop at Kaduna the capital city of John’s birth before we finally come back to Zaria on Thursday.

Thursday April 19th
We will return to Zaria and have dinner with John’s Church Elders and their Wives.

Friday April 20th
On Friday, we will receive a welcome from John’s “Babby” School. It is a school the church and he started a few years ago. Since then they have seen many children around the community gave their little hearts to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. John said “It will be my joy to see you in the midst of this little ones, who are the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” This will happen at about 10:00 -11:00 A.M.

The remaining time during the day we will be getting ready for departure on Saturday by 2:00 P.M to Abuja.

Saturday April 21st
Leave for Abuja by 2PM and depart Abuja at 9:10 PM on KLM flight 577 for Amsterdam via stopover in Kano, Nigeria.

Sunday April 22nd
Arrive in Amsterdam at 6:10 AM. Depart at 2:20 PM on KLM/NWA flight 6057 to Memphis. Arrive in Memphis at 5:05 PM.

  • Chris M.
  • Pat N.
  • Paul N.
  • Kelly R.
  • Nathan S.
  • Jordan T.

Pray that God will...
  • Smooth our paths as we prepare and travel
  • Prepare the hearts and minds of the people to whom we will witness
  • Help us proclaim the gospel with power
  • Bring a harvest of believers among the Hausa people
  • Give us wisdom to discern future missions & church planting opportunities among the Hausa people.

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Kurt Strassner said...

Will be praying for you guys! And will try and wave out the back of the plane as you all cross the Atlantic about 30 minutes behind us!

Tell John hello for me...and tell him my wife, named after his cat, sends greetings as well!