Saturday, May 26, 2007

Day 3

Class went well again this morning. We Worshipped the Great Eternal Worshipper who invited man--created in His image--into His restful worship of Himself on the seventh day. Looked at the role of the Trinity in creation (e.g., Col 1:16; Heb 1:2), and the idolatry of creature-worship (e.g., Romans 1:25). Gave attention to some of God's incommunicable attributes (to complement a class they took last month) to close class out today.

Late morning til... (still going) was an awesome wedding ceremony. Separate pre-wedding parties at bride/groom's place. Groom shows up with posse to claim bride at her place. All attendees, along with wedding party, head over to the ceremony location. Wait 1.5 hours for another wedding to finish. Have ceremony, more ceremony, then onsite reception (still going), followed by wedding party party someplace else. Elaborate, beautiful, rejoiceful from start to finish (or at least as much as we saw).

We will worship tomorrow at an International Church, then Nathan will have his second session. As always, your prayers are much needed.

These believers are deficient in so many areas of biblically informed Christian living and ministry. Culture is king. But then again, who are we to talk?


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