Saturday, June 09, 2007

Wedding Charges To Pray For Me!

I was honored to perform the wedding ceremony this morning for BJ and Ashley Eason, both of whom were formerly students in my youth group. As if my four children haven't already made me realize I'm getting old!

Here are several of the biblical charges I gave to them. Would you please take a moment to pray that these realities would be true in my own marriage (and yours)!

  1. Realize that our marriage is mainly about Someone far greater than the two of us...namely, the name, character, and reputation of God
  2. Be deliberate, therefore, to always be aiding one another to make progress in personal holiness
  3. Be deliberate to aid my spouse to grow in love to Christ
  4. Be deliberate to aid my spouse to grow in obedience to all of Christ's commands
  5. Strive together to grow in godliness and Christlikeness
  6. Always be engaged together in ministry--both in recognized, and unrecognized forms
  7. Intentionally hold Jesus high in our marriage
  8. Pray together...regularly, passionately, spontaneously, and persistently
  9. Worship Jesus together daily in our home
  10. Engage faithfully in family worship
  11. Creatively and simply challenge one another constantly to grow in grace
  12. Enjoy one another at every level: relationally, physically, emotionally, spiritually
  13. Me: Soak in the Lord's commands to husbands as found in Scripture and obey them
  14. Tracy: Soak in the Lord's commands to wives as found in Scripture and obey them
  15. Be my partner's choicest intercessor
  16. Be impossible to offend
  17. Be overflowing with patience
  18. Be generous when wronged
  19. Be aware of my own limitations, and seek to improve upon them
  20. Always be fighting pride, self-promotion, self-centeredness, and self-exaltation
  21. At every turn, every day, look together to the gospel as the power of God, not only for justification, but also for daily sanctification and joy
  22. Don't make an idol out of one another, but together, be resolute that our only God is God
  23. Seek the Lord and His strength, seek His face continually

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